Information for our Families

Hours of Operation
  • Majura Park Childcare Centre operates five (5) days per week 7.30am to 5.45pm, 50 weeks of the year, excluding public holidays and two (2) weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.  
  • We provide a procedure for arrival and departure of children from the Centre, which ensures the safety and wellbeing of the children in our care. Parent/ guardians are required to follow specific communication procedures to ensure we can provide appropriate care of their children.
    • Children must be dropped off and collected during the Centre’s hours of operation.
    • The authorised person who is dropping off and or collecting the child must use the Qikkids Kiosk to sign their child in.
    • The authorised person and children are to ensure that all belongings are collected.
    • On arrival to the Centre the authorised person must greet the child’s carer. Any information about the child’s health and other changes can be made during this exchange – then the authorised person should ensure that a staff member is aware that they are leaving the child at the Centre
  • Parents are to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before closure to allow time for them to collect their child/sign-out their child, and for the Centre staff to share information about their child’s day before leaving the Centre.
  • Staff should be notified if the person collecting the child is to be later than usual. The child will be notified to avoid any anxiety.
  • If the child is to be collected by anyone different than the normal authorised person, parents must have firstly indicated in writing on the enrolment form that that person is allowed to collect the child, and then ideally must inform the appropriate staff member prior to the pick-up. The person picking up the child may be asked to report to the front desk on arrival and bring identification.
  • Majura Park Childcare has parking available at the front entrance to 1 Wellington Place. Please take caution when in the car-park area, follow the directional arrow signs for entrance and exit and double check for children/parents before reversing. We strongly encourage that you hold your children’s hands whilst walking to and from the car to the Centre gates.
Security Entrance
  • Majura Park Childcare has a secure front entrance with an automatic door. This entrance is controlled by an electronic key-pad.  At all other times please use the door-bell provided to contact the reception and wait for the door to open, please do not drag on the handle.
  • Security is also the responsibility of all parents entering and leaving the premises – Parents are not to let other children out of the Doors or Gate, nor allow other unknown parents or tradespeople into the building, nor leave the door unlocked allowing unauthorised people to enter the facility.
Late Pick-Up
  • All children must be collected and leave by 5.45pm.  We are not licensed after this time. If parents are aware they require an extraordinary late pick-up this should be notified in advance to the Centre Director. If a parent is late to collect their child, then parents will be advised in accordance with our Late Collection Policy. 
Want to have a chat?: Our front office is staffed by both Lem and Skye who are reliably available between the hours of 09.00am - 4.30pm. If you don't see them, please call or e-mail and we will organise to meet you! 

We have a parent information area in our front foyer.

Parent Information: We have a full parent information display in the hallway between the front reception desk and the babies rooms. In this area you will find a noticeboard with our calendar, our menu's, and a parent hard-out area with up-to-date pamphlets on many child related issues. We also have copies of MyChild and Canberra child available here.

Business Information:  On the bench here we keep a copy of our Centre Policies, our Centre handbooks, our Quality Improvement Plan, Feedback forms, and copies of all our licences and approvals.

Parent to Parent information: We have a notice-board (next the the Visitor Toilet) where parents can share informatioin with each other, such as their businesses or even buy/swap/sell opportunities.