Our Services

Our Hours of operation: Monday to Friday (closed on Public Holidays) from 07:30am — 5:45pm

Weeks of operation: Majura Park Childcare Centre is open for fifty weeks of the year, closed for Public Holidays and for two weeks at Christmas/New Years

Our Inclusions: Majura Park Childcare fees cover all your children’s requirements while at the Centre. We provide healthy nutritious food cooked fresh daily which includes: morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snacks. Nappies (Babylove) and formula (S-26 Gold Stages 1 & 2) are also provided. Our external Art lessons and Gymbaroo classes, incursions and most excursions are included within our simple daily fees.

Curriculum: Majura Park Childcare is a comprehensive Early Learning Centre. We provide a full learning curriculum in all rooms which aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We incorporate free extra-curricula activities including Art, toga and physical activity skills provided from external educators. We provide a pre-school program from our qualified Early Childhood Teachers in our Hercules (3-4 yrs) and Jumbos (4-5 yrs) pre-school rooms